High level of acceptance

Thanks to the QR-bill, the digitization of the payment process is extending to all households and businesses. The QR code has become established across the board. It is part of everyday digital life, and is used by companies in a whole range of industries. Not only that, but 80% of people in Switzerland already have a QR code-capable smartphone.

Sure-fire application

The QR code is based on an industry standard that is recognized all over the world (ISO 18004). If the code is damaged, automatic error correction restores data so that they remain readable. The QR code is much less prone to error than the present OCR-B font used, for example, for the reference number on current payment slips. The QR code significantly improves digital readability, and enables payments to be captured and released even in the case of damaged slips or imprecise placement. The QR-bill can be printed using either professional or off-the-shelf label, inkjet, and laser printers.